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The 2nd Llantwit Major Company, which meets at the Tabernacle Presbyterian Church, Methodist Lane, Llantwit Major, is split into four sections and three sessions: 

Anchors (school years 1-2) meet from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm on Thursday evenings during term time. 

Junior Section (school years 3-6) meet from 6.45 pm to 7.45 pm on Thursday evenings during term time. 

Company Section and Seniors (school years 7-13 and beyond) meet from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm on Tuesday evenings throughout the year.  During term time sessions are more formal but during the holidays tend to take the form of outings and sport activities. 

The Officer in Charge will help each child to obtain uniform which consists of Boys' Brigade shirts and jumpers, worn with school clothes and shoes.  There is a yearly individual insurance (capitation) fee that is collected and sent to Boys' Brigade Headquarters.  Weekly subs are collected on the night or can be paid in advance.  Cheques should be made payable to 2nd Llantwit Major Boys' Brigade.  It is a legal requirement for an annual consent form to be completed and signed by a parent or guardian.  Specific and detailed consent forms are required for camps, trips and visits, etc.

Each group is run by a small band of dedicated volunteer officers and helpers who have been appointed by the church and abide by the "Code of Good Practice for Adults working in the Boys' Brigade" - new recruits always welcome! 

Evenings follow a format of stories for the younger children and devotions for the older members.  There are also guest speakers, demonstrations, and presentations.  Visits and trips are also organised.  Activities appropriate to age have included:

Work towards gaining badges and Duke of Edinburgh awards

Quiz night

Easter Egg hunt

Talk on Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, together with a visit by a Labrador-retriever cross; the importance of the help that guide dogs give was explained and it was stressed that you should never pat, stroke, talk to or distract a dog whilst it is wearing a harness and therefore working.  No government funding is received and the Association relies on donations and gifts. 

Visit to the Guide Dogs Headquarters in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.  In the morning there was a tour of the training centre and a talk on the role of a puppy-walker; some of the group were blindfolded and led through an obstacle course by a guide dog.  The centre also trains hearing dogs for the deaf.  In the afternoon there was a tour of the National Breeding Centre at Bishops Tachbrook.  The name of everyone who completed a questionnaire was put into a draw and it was a lovely surprise when a toy guide dog arrived in the post for Roger. 

Games night - either in the hall or outside

Bowling in Cardiff


Art and Crafts

Treasure hunt

Anne and Alan from Owls4U brought along six birds and spoke about their experiences of rescuing and taking care of these beautiful creatures at the sanctuary in Barry.  They also gave information about the different habitat of the eagle owl, little owl, tawny owl and barn owl.  

Practical evenings when information is given on various topics: washing codes and labels; traffic signs; health & safety.


Fund-raising activities, such as jumble sales and sponsored events

In 2013 each member (including Officers) was given a small empty matchbox and asked to fill it with as many different, complete items as possible.  Prizes were awarded to those with the most items collected and the most sponsorship money raised.  Roger, the organiser, managed 34 and the winner had a fantastic 72! 

Christmas meal with competitions and prizes

Christmas presentation in Church.  In 2012 this was written by one of the Officers with the help of the Company Section and Seniors who came up with the idea of presenting the Nativity as if it were happening in modern times with camera crews and news bulletins.  The phrases "back at the studio," "live from Bethlehem" and "now over to our roving reporter" were intermingled with the more traditional Bible readings, carols and prayers with everyone taking part in the production. 

Visit from the Heritage Coast wardens

Evening at Dunraven Bay, Southerndown, when the wardens gave a tour and talk 

Activities, competitions and tournaments such as camping, walking, quizzes, bowling, table tennis and chess held with other Companies both locally as well as further afield 

Walking and hiking at Newport with Boys Brigade Companies from Cardiff

On the weekend of 15th to 17th June, 2012, members of the 2nd Llantwit Major joined with 11 other Companies at camp in the Gower, Swansea, to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Boys' Brigade in Wales.  Over the three days there were many activities such as games, parties, surfing and good-natured competitions. 

Celebratory events

Parade and drill practice

Members are asked to attend Church Parades that are held several times a year.  There is an opportunity for both bugle-playing and (marching) drum lessons; this is a fairly new project and it is hoped that during a future annual Remembrance Day Parade in November those who have mastered the bugle will be asked to play the Last Post during the ceremony.  If you are able to help with simple music lessons and perhaps teach, especially if you know how to play the bell lyre, please contact us. 


The Boys' Brigade was founded by William Alexander Smith in 1883 and is the oldest, and largest Christian, uniformed youth organisation; it now has Companies in over 60 countries.  The original objectives are still valid today: the advancement of Christ's Kingdom amongst boys, the promotion of habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self-respect and all that tends towards true Christian manliness. 

For more information, ring the Boys' Brigade Regional Office on 02920 483555 (limited opening hours so please try again if you do not receive a response straight away) The Boys' Brigade Support and Enabling Officer for Wales is Gareth Hillier, who can be contacted on 07411 624044 

Visit The Boys' Brigade Wales website  Visit The Boys Brigade website


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