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This is a privately-owned, non-profit making website, providing a free of charge community service for the benefit of the villagers and all those who have an interest in our community and surrounding area. 

We began by publishing pages and photographs of the local area for family, friends and local residents.  The information we gathered increased very quickly and by 2001 we had set up St. Brides Major Community website.  Soon after, in response to requests from villagers, details were added for Dunraven, Southerndown, Ogmore Village and Ogmore-by-Sea, followed a short while later by information on Castle-upon-Alun, Heol-y-Mynydd, Norton and Pont-yr-Brown.  There are also references to other villages nearby, such as Ewenny, Merthyr Mawr and Wick, with which there are strong ties and links, as the hamlets and villages are intrinsically bound together; over the years, the Parish has incorporated St. Brides Major & Ewenny and St. Brides Major & Wick. 

Our aim has always been to promote the villages and surrounding areas of St. Brides Major, Southerndown, and Ogmore-by-Sea and to provide easy access to information on facilities and activities in the area, for residents and visitors, and to support the cohesion of the community.  News, information, history and photographs have been brought into one main Community Web Site under the title of: St. Brides Major, Southerndown and Ogmore-by-Sea which reflects the current St. Brides Major Community Council Wards. 

Daffodils planted by St. Brides Major Community Council

Daffodils planted by St. Brides Major Community Council

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In 1920 Glamorgan County Council granted permission to divide the Parish into three Wards (St. Brides Major, Ogmore-by-Sea, Southerndown) which is why our Web Site Banner names these three villages.  However, we have not forgotten other areas and hamlets such as Castle-upon-Alun, Heol-y-Mynydd, Norton, Ogmore and Pont-y-Brown.  Following administrative and boundary changes over the years, the Community Council now has two Wards (St. Brides Major & Southerndown, and Ogmore-by-Sea) and is in the Vale of Glamorgan Council area.  Nearby villages of Ewenny, Merthyr Mawr and Wick are also mentioned frequently because of the bonds of family, friendship and community.  The Benefice (Parish) of Ewenny and St. Brides Major is in the Diocese of Llandaff of the Church in Wales/yr Eglwys yng Nghymru.  There is an Evangelical Church in Ogmore-by-Sea. 

We are very lucky to be living in a picturesque part of South Wales, much of it overlooking the sea at Ogmore and Southerndown, with wonderful views, dramatic landscape and beautiful, sandy coastline.  The 12th century Ogmore Castle stands at the confluence of the River Ewenny and River Ogmore which then flow to the sea via Newton Bay.  Whilst in the countryside, the area is close to all amenities and is equidistant from the cities of Cardiff and Swansea.  Nearby in Bridgend are major road (M4 motorway & A48) rail (Swansea to London Paddington main line) and bus links (National Express Coach stop) as well as Cardiff Airport/Maes Awyr Caerdydd at Rhoose. 

The difference between high and low tide (tidal range) in this locality along the Bristol Channel is reputed to be the greatest in Europe and second greatest in the world, with sea levels rising around 15 metres/49 ft at Avonmouth.  In the area of the Second Severn Crossing the current can have a rate of up to eight knots.  During violent storms the crashing waves at Dunraven Bay, Southerndown, cause spray to reach the top of the cliffs Ė something very hard to imagine when the tide is out as far as Trwyn y Witch (Witches Point) but to see this captured wonderfully with incredible footage of the waves battering the cliffs in the storms of January, 2014, visit website.  Mostly, though, the Parish is quite sheltered and enjoys the same weather as across the water in Somerset and Devon.  Rhoose Point, the most southerly point on mainland Wales (marked by a 14 metre high obelisk made of Welsh slate) is approximately 12 miles away. 

Ogmore by Sea beach   Witches Point at Southerndown Beach, Dunraven Bay

Left photo: Ogmore by Sea beach looking towards the shore
Right photo: Witches Point at Southerndown Beach, Dunraven Bay

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The main page of each section has links on the right-hand side to the main page of all the other sections.  Related pages within a section have links to each other, usually at the top and bottom of the page.  All internal links (ie to other pages within our site) open in the same window - return to an item by using the "back" key on your toolbar, clicking an appropriate link to choose another related page or click the "Return to Main ... Page" link; you can also do this to visit a different section then click on a link in the right-hand column of the page or just click the "home" link at any time.  All external links to other websites in relation to the topic, organisation, company or other related subject, are indicated by "Visit ... website" and open a new page. 

Young sheep having a rest at the roadside in Heol-y-Mynydd

Young sheep having a rest at the roadside in Heol-y-Mynydd

YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS:      Back to top

Dates for the diary, news, local history, details of meetings, groups, organisations, clubs or in fact almost anything that could be of interest to people of the area are welcomed and can be sent to us via the feedback form on the "contact us" link in the right hand margin or may be handed in to the village Post Office in St. Brides Major who have kindly agreed to pass them on. 

If you have any contributions which need to be sent using ordinary e-mail with attachments, eg photographs or pictures, contact us and we will send you a link by return.  The editors and owners of this web site reserve the right to remove, alter, or refuse to include, any link or contribution. 

Donít forget to sign the Guest Book (itís nice to see who visits us - even compliments are welcome!!); place yourself on our Guest Map; or use our Forum page for discussion of local topics of interest.  Please do not abuse these services or they may be withdrawn. 

St Brides Major Sports Field looking towards St. Bridget's Church

St Brides Major Sports Field looking towards St. Bridget's Church


We would like to thank everyone who has kindly provided us with photographs and/or information, including: Joan Kinsbrook; James Heard; Tom Potts for copies of his pen & ink paintings; Peter Vincent; Rev. M. Komor; Vale of Glamorgan Council; Three Golden Cups. We acknowledge the useful data and facts found in Mr. S. W. Bevanís book © St. Brides Major, Southerndown & Ogmore-by-Sea and additional material supplied by his daughter.  Thanks also to St. Brides Major sub-post office and shop owners past and present for their support. 

Those mentioned above and other individuals and organisations are acknowledged throughout the site but let us know if you need/want a mention.  Please bear in mind that mistakes can happen and much of the information about the past is from personal recollection or interpretation so you may remember things differently! 

Daffodils planted by St. Brides Major Community Council

Daffodils planted by St. Brides Major Community Council

DISCLAIMER:     Back to top

Information has been gathered from various sources in good faith.  It is possible there are errors or omissions Ė whilst we are happy to correct these we cannot be held responsible for any mistakes as accuracy cannot be assured.  Inclusion or mention of services, businesses, products, etc., does not imply that they are recommended or endorsed.  You are advised to check details of opening season and times, costs, particulars, fitness for particular purpose/s, availability, etc.  We cannot be held liable for damages, lost profits, etc., and disclaim all warranties/guarantees.  Furthermore the editors and owners of this web site accept no responsibility in any way whatsoever for the content, accuracy or reliability of any other web site/s mentioned or linked within these pages which are given for information purposes only, and inclusion (or exclusion) does not imply endorsement or otherwise. 

It is good practice to run anti-virus programme/s as well as to check sites, pages and before downloading material; we cannot be held responsible for any losses or disruption to your computer, software, systems or data. 

Ford and stepping stones at Pont-yr-Brown

Ford and stepping stones at Pont-yr-Brown

© COPYRIGHT:     Back to top

Photographs and articles throughout this site are subject to copyright and should not be stored, displayed or reproduced in any form whatsoever without written permission from the web site owners and copyright holder/s.  We have indicated the name of the copyright holder for many photographs except where we have been asked not to publish these details but in some instances (e.g. old postcards) we have not been able to ascertain this information.  Web site design and content including text and graphics subject to copyright. © 

Soaring seagull at Ogmore-by-Sea

Soaring seagull at Ogmore-by-Sea


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