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THURSDAY CLUB  (no longer running - details here for interest)

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All were welcome to join and go along on Thursdays from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm to St. Brides Major Church in Wales School where members met in one of the classrooms during term-time.  The first half hour was usually taken up with informal chatting and news; this was followed by the evening's entertainment and at around 8 o'clock there was tea and biscuits.  At Christmas members either visited one of the local restaurants or arranged for catering at the School. 

This group, originally known as Social Services Club, was founded in 1947 and met at the Church Hall (at the time known as The Institute) then at Mrs. May Llewellyn's home at Crofta, Penylan Road, with suppers held in Bryn Sion Vestry.  After this, for many years the group met on Wednesdays at the school which was located on Ewenny Road.  It was affiliated to the National Association of Women's Clubs and the Council for Wales & Monmouthshire Women's Clubs, with members taking part in competitions and Eisteddfodau.  Various travel trips were organised as well as a sewing circle.  Christmas meals were held at Little West (Southerndown) and Craig yr Eos (Ogmore-by-Sea) restaurants.  In 1970 the venue moved with the school to new premises in Heol yr Ysgol and the group became independent from the Cardiff Federation in 1983 and was re-named Thursday Club. 

Miss Grant emigrated to Australia at a grand old age and sent a boomerang to the Club as a memento.  At the time it was hoped a hut could be purchased as a HQ and an account was opened called Boomerang.  Unfortunately the expense of purchasing and building premises was too great and eventually the monies raised were used to provide a supper for all the members instead. 

Members met in the Farmers Arms for a farewell meal on 14th July, 2011 which was 64 years to the day that the very first meeting had been held. 


Evenings were varied with guest speakers, demonstrations, etc., and included:

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd and their version of Bruce Forsyth's "Play Your Cards Right"

History of Bridgend by Mr. Bailey who wrote for the Recorder newspaper.

Pat White, Paul Morgan and Christine Rees of the Bridgend & District Osteoporosis Support Group gave an informative presentation on osteoporosis.  Although it is likely that in the past many cases were undiagnosed, this disease is very much on the increase.  The only way of assessing the risk of being affected in the future or to look for early signs of the disease is by undergoing a bone scan.  Unfortunately, by the time a conventional x-ray picks up the thinning of the bone structure osteoporosis is already present.  Approximately one in three women and one in twelve men (although data from 2005 indicated this figure may be nearer one in six) will be affected.  The support group meets once a month in the Princess of Wales Hospital and raises funds by holding car boot sales, raffles, discos and Charity Ball events.  There is also a Falls Prevention Clinic at Maesteg Hospital.  In 2001 Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, whose mother was a sufferer, was made president of the Osteoporosis Society

Adventures and experiences of student Charlotte Lock who spent a year in the Cameroons.

Judy Harvey demonstrated flower arranging and how to use greenery from the garden to enhance a display.  She also visited at Christmas to offer tips on making table arrangements.  This was interspersed with hilarious anecdotes about her experiences of working in a florist. 

Dairy and cheese judging in Britain and around the world, by Mrs Richards.

Bee keeping by Mr Pett.

Deafness awareness.  Marg Roberts grew up in a household with a deaf father and sister and gave a moving account of how life is affected when it is not possible to hear or have only limited hearing.   Everyone joined in singing carols and hymns whilst the words were signed for us.  If this subject affects you, to visit the Sign Community web site.

An account of working as an Estate Agent by Roger Carter.

Visit by Louise "Taking the shop to the people".  A range of nightwear, underwear, birthday cards, gifts, jewellery, etc., together with free wrapping service.  Louise visits and delivers to residential homes and groups to offer a service to those who are not able to travel far.

How to put on a sari and photos/memories of a trip to India by Michelle.

The origin of many well-known sayings by Mr. Selleck.  Some were quite easy to guess, some seemed straightforward but had an unexpected explanation.  For example, "spoiling the ship for an halfpenny of tar" is a corruption of spoiling the sheep.   Shepherds used to put tar on sores/cuts on the flock in order to seal wounds.  When this relatively cheap remedy was not done it ended up more costly if animals died or could not be sold because of infection. 

Bingo evenings.

Information on environmentally friendly products.  Julie Phillips showed a selection of recycled products were shown such as newspapers which are processed and treated in order to be used as insulation.  Also, recovered scrap wood that is pulped then made into pellets and used as fuel.  Don't put pallets on the bonfire - recycle!   

Celebratory teas/buffets.

Selection of slides by Mr Jennings showing some of the houses, gardens, coastline and land owned and maintained by the National Trust.  A very wide path with resultant erosion was formed in Snowdon National Park owing to the number of walkers using the trail.  As a result of this, a cobbled path was constructed which people are asked to keep to, and the area alongside it re-seeded.

Information on Pensions & Tax, as well as making a Will, by Mrs. Greathead. 

Talk on precious stones.  The speaker told of the various meanings of giving someone a particular jewel and the variety of colours which occur.  Very few of the group knew that you could get almost any colour diamond - even black.  To talk of orange rubies, blue emeralds and green sapphires seemed very strange!

Fun quiz nights such as naming famous people, word puzzles.

Brochures, photographs, slides and talks on: a visit to the Grand Canyon; bus tours of Austria and Germany; holiday to Italy incorporating a very long (& high!) cable car ride.  Spectacular lakes & mountains, magnificent displays of flowers, gardens, and historic churches & buildings all narrated by Mrs Rees.


Display of candles for all occasions and beautiful holders for them, and tea lights.  The way to trim different types of candle was demonstrated.  Also on show were holders which house the candle/s inside them, such as a "cathedral" which was intricately marked,  "haunted house" complete with ghostly figures and a snow scene.

St. Brides Major web site.

Ana of Age Concern came along and told the group about services for people over the age of 60, for instance: support when leaving hospital; volunteer transport for doctor and hospital appointments; good neighbour schemes; advice on claiming benefits and entitlements.  Also available is help filling in forms and access to insurance services.  The club were advised of the location of branches for Vale of Glamorgan residents (Llantwit Major, Barry, Penarth and Cardiff) and a that new office had just opened in Bridgend town centre - very handy if you want to pick up some leaflets.  Volunteers are always welcome.

Beetle drives. 

Belinda of Heritage Coast brought along an assortment of leaves and flowers from the local area for the group to try to identify, and spoke about the work being carried out at Dunraven Park.  A trip was also organised to visit the gardens in the Park which have been restored with the type of plants and flowers which would have been grown there originally.

Christmas meal.

Memories and reminiscing evening when members brought along newspaper cuttings or old photographs and spoke about events they had witnessed.  Several of the group have lived abroad and travelled extensively. 

Hot Cross Buns at Easter.

Shrewsbury Flower Show and rivers & lochs of Scotland by Mr. Marks.

Examples of pottery and the history of some pottery companies, with particular reference to Nantgarw.  Members were also invited to take along antiques or memorabilia which were then talked about and, where possible, dated.  

Memories of being an evacuee by Mr. Potter.  An interesting insight into the life of someone sent so far away from home at a very young age during troubled times. 

Safety in the home.  Fire Officer Bob Brewster spoke about hazards to be aware of and explained how various products worked, such as heat detectors, smoke detectors and fire blankets, as well as where they would be best used and sited.

Life in Hong Kong by Mrs Kerwen.

Photographs of orchids which can be found in Britain, with an emphasis on those in Wales.  Orchids are becoming more rare and will not transplant from one area to another as they need a particular environment, hence they are protected and must not be picked. 

Bird watching in Iceland - slides and talk by Howard Lewis.

(no longer running - details here for interest)

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