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Places of Worship within the Parish


We are very fortunate to have a choice of churches within the area.
St. Bridget's Church in 2002

St. Bridget's Church,
St. Brides Major

Notice of Services and gates to All Saints Church, Southerndown

All Saints Church,

Evangelical Church, Ogmore-by-Sea in 2005

Evangelical Church,

Visit Ewenny Festival website for information on the musical and arts events held at Ewenny Priory. 

Visit Church Times website

Visit Wick General Baptist and Unitarian Chapel website.  The chapel was built in 1792 and is registered for marriages.  Services are usually held on the second and last Sunday of the month but this is subject to change for particular festivals or events. 

St. Bridget's Church, St. Brides Major, and All Saints Church, Southerndown, collect stamps and postcards in aid of Children in Distress.  Visit Children in Distress website 



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